Help us Grow – GIVE to Give to Grow

Give to Grow relies on support from foundations, business and individuals like you.

There are many ways to help. Please consider:

Donating funds in ANY amount

·  $1 – buys an hour of Internet access in a village walking distance from Kopeyia. It means a chance for talented students to post their work online and have their music heard by others

·  $50  - pays for sound system rentals for a closing performance at the end of Give to Grow’s residency

·  $100 – pays for an MTN wires Internet modem

·  $500– pays for room and board for a week ofGive to Grow in Kopeyia

·  $2000 - pays for room and board for a month of Give to Grow’s stay in Kopeyia

·  $2000– pays for Milica’s airfare

·  $6000  - pays for room and board for a full term of Give to Grow ‘s stay in Kopeyia

·  $20.000 – pays for the entire residency for phase 3

Donating your functional, used (or new) equipment

·  We need Apple laptop computers, microphones, audio interfaces, digital audio recorders, headphones, IPods and audio cables

Donating space

·  Host the next Give to Grow benefit

Donating time and skills

·Help us with grant writing, spreading the word, expand the Give to Grow community, send out brochures, share marketing ideas

Make a Financial Donation

To make a tax- deductible donation write your checks to PARACADEMIA CENTER INC and write Give to Grow in the Memo Line and mail them to:

Milica Paranosic
281 West 119th Street #5A
New York NY 10026 USA

or use THIS link

Own Orginal Art

You can also help us by purchasing:

- original art by Kopeyia students.

Contact us for the catalogue.

- Mensah fashions. Contact us for the catalogue.

 - Give to Grow CD. buy here

 - Artistic merchandise by Claduia Van Holt inspired by Give to Grow. Contact us for the catalogue.

Authentic Ewe Drums by Kobbi Klutse Contact us for the catalogue.

Donate Used technology

We give used computers you don't need new lives by putting them in hands of young music-makers who do!

Spread the word

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Co-produce our next trip

We need to go back to Kopeya to  help maintain the computers. 

We'd also welcome an oportunity to recreate a similar program in YOUR area.

Contact us to discuss!