What we did

Jan 2 2011 - G2G Partners with Africa Writes  .
Africa Writes will present G2G at the University of Kankan, Guena, West Africa

nov 28 2010 - G2G begins talk with Vote People about a partnership and forming a G2G branch in Harlem, NYC

oct 15 2010 - G2G Partners with EMF

oct 12 2010 - iMac donated by a student, Krystie Pironti. Thank you Krystie!

08/10/10  -  Give to Grow receives a grant from Florence V Burden Foundation

08/01/10  - Give to Grow Phase two: Six lap-tops were successfully delivered and installed in the computer lab of Kopeyia Bloomfield Basic School.
G2G residency was topped off with an interdisciplinary performance, art exhibition and G2G computer lab presentation.


(Fostering the growth - Phase two completed)
July 28 - June 19 2009 - Milica produces AFRICA MY HOME, Part 2 – Give to Grow Collaborative Interdisciplinary Performance Project. Alongside the Kopeyia School pupils, the performance featured guest artists from Dagde Cultural Center: local and guest drumming and Dance teachers and their groups, and Arts and Crafts by local artists were shown next to the pupils’ drawings at the art exhibition. Computer lab presentation showed an installation of six computers running simultaneously and shows work by students and teacher of the Kopeyia School. 
July 1 - 28 – Milica sets up the lab, introduces Garage Band, Ableton Live, iPhoto and iMovie and Keynote to students and Emmanuel Zagbede, computer teacher. She introduces several pupils to Internet and email.
June 29 – Milica travels to Kopeyia with total of six laptops.
June 12 2010 – Belgrade (Serbia) main daily paper publishes a story about Give to Grow.
June 10 2010 – Milica receives sponsorships from Sandbook Studio, which enables her to travel to Kopeyia and begins phase two.
March 2010 – AKPE! Multimedia Performance Piece inspired by Ghana, Ewe culture and Give to Grow, commissioned for the opening of a new state of the Art Multimedia Theater at Lincoln center receives its premier followed by two sold out performances.
February 2010 – Milica’s Article about G2G gets published in Juilliard Journal
November 2009 – G2G receives it fist computer donations, an amazing three-Apple power-books gift!
January 2010 – Arts Electric features Give to Grow
August 2009 – G2G Thank You Party which marks a beginning of phase two fund-raising
Fostering the growth - Phase two https://websitetonight.godaddy.com/projects2/1/5/1/4/1974151/images/arrow_otma.jpg" width="22"/>
(Planting the Seed - Phase one completed)
June 19 2009 - Milica produces AFRICA MY HOME Collaborative Interdisciplinary Performance Project that showcases original compositions produced in Milica’s computer music class, which ranged from arrangements of traditional African songs to original tunes, to sound designs accompanying spoken word and poetry, the pupils also performed their favorite dance and hip-hop numbers, short skits, vocal and instrumental pieces, and showed drawings.
June 6 2009- Milica sets up a pilot music technology program, using the single power plug in the school, her Mac PowerBook, and a portable digital recorder.
May 27 2009 - Milica goes to Ghana to explore African culture and tech English at the Kopeyia Bloomfield School.
Planting the seed – Phase one


 ”I never knew your work could push us to this level. You brought a great change to Kopeyia Bloomfield Basic School. We miss you so much and people keep asking me when is your next visit. We need you back for our brighter future. We pray that you get more sponsors to assist you to come back and continue from where we have gotten.” Emmanuel Agbeli, Chairman of the School Management Committee

"Give to Grow is one of the best examples I've seen of how technology can bring creativity and education together. Milica has done a fabulous job in Kopeyia, and we'd like to see it grow to become a worldwide program.’  Joel Chadabe, President, Electronic Music Foundation

“We don’t even know how to express our gratitude. It is our  prayer that you continue to visit us.” Evans Garr, Headmaster, Kopeyia Bloomfield Basic School

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